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Organized effort and aligned teams

Best practices exist often within our clients. We guide you in identifying them, sorting them out, complementing them, in line with your strategy.

We help you transform those best practices into largely recognized and accepted processes and capabilities forming the backbone of your organization.

We bring you our external experienced or observed inputs. 

Together, we review your internal processes and capabilities aiming at :

  • Obtaining quick wins ;
  • Injecting consistency ;
  • Looking for automation when appropriate ;
  • Improving both client and staff member satisfaction.

Examples and details of our client work include:

Some are instrumental to increase effectiveness , some are bricks in an overall element : accelerate sales, enhance control… Some are more global, exhaustive/holistic …

Client success/experience : we look at it as well to see where it is intricate with sales….

Sales knowledge management

Big deal review

Quota deployment

Fluid territory management

tools clean up/selection


Improve Budget deployment

In many cases Sales targets are not reached because sales objectives are not finely deployed up to actionable levels. We help our clients understand why execution failed, due to lack of cascading detailed guidelines through the sales organization.

We build with you a thorough budget and sales target execution plan and assist you in the periodic deployment process.

Redesign sales tools for accelerating Business pace

 We observe that accelerating business pace, can lie in our client hands – from forecast to deal closing – Internal steps from deal reviewing, portfolio forecasting up to deal closing are not necessarily precisely aligned so that you focus relevantly on deals to be closed soon rather large but less secured ones.

We help you review the tools supporting this path and connect them right.

Enhance your client journey experience

Our experience indicates that in many cases, the contact points your clients go through are numerous, not organized; sometimes too much inconsistency lies for handling the same needs.

We guide you in assessing the journeys your client experience in order to maximize their satisfaction in line with your strategy. We extract the key repeatable elements, we add missing blocks, search for automation and IA approch. We Implement the necessary set of client success components searching for consistency, not at the expense of necessary customization, optimized cost, customer points leverage for durable sales.

Organized sales knowledge management

 Sales knowledge can be scattered within your company. A large part of the collective performance lies in leveraging individual knowledge and organizing access and use of it.

We review building blocks of sales processes and required knowledge to execute them. We take deep stock of your existing tools, knowledge libraries, oral habits. We interview your staff to assess the winning impact of them.

We support you in building the end stage of your sales knowledge and tools architecture.

organized effort