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Clear vision for Go-To-Market strategy

A deteriorating sales performance translates often into an increased cost of sales for a lower growth achievement.

Every company will handle sales performance improvement differently and will focus on specific Go-To-Market aspects.

We drive and assist our clients in conducting a focused diagnosis, in assessing and prioritizing the most critical performance levers for their own environment.

Experts in the full range of sales issues – client segment coverage, sales organization, channel strategy and management, customer success, compensation mechanisms, sales models – direct, partners, Agents, Web based ..- we help our clients connect the « dots » between what matters most for them.

Examples and details of our client work include:

Sales Channel Mix redesign

We use our deep channel experience and proprietary assessment methodology to review your channel mix performance, within the guidelines of your marketing strategy. We focus on spotting client segment potential and profitability and the associated cost of sales. We assist you in leveraging more low cost channel, while targeting expected growth. We evaluate top line and financial impacts as well as feasibility plan.

Establish Sales KPIs to leverage effectively CRM

The CRM tool should be fuelled by the key elements of your sales strategy and should help you exhibit relevant analysis angles. Based on the understanding of your strategy, and your sales tracking needs, we help you design the right governance scorecards (activity and performance KPIS, growth and cost levers, reports) for your current and expected business; we translate them into the right foundations for CRM set up.

Model powerful compensation mechanism

Compensation drives behaviour, be it for direct or indirect channel; disconnect, however, often exists between exhibited company strategy, wished and achieved performance and compensation scheme.

We help you deep dive into the key pillars of the current compensation scheme, and their individual and collective relevance. We review each critical aspect that the compensation system encapsulates today and those you would like to capture, such as fixed/variable weight, sensitivity impact, customization level, complexity level, alignment degree with strategy details.

We build, with you, a revised compensation scheme, implementable, understandable, generating more value and better controlled as to its overall cost.

Improve forecast quality

Inaccurate forecasts can reflect uneffective alignment between offering, clients and go-to-market. They can as well pinpoint a lack of governance.

We combine our deep understanding of sales force behaviour, with the analysis of your sales, client and competitive historical data, to review forecast deviations and draw explanations for those.

We focus on fundamental fixes; We highlight for your teams what happened and propose a progress implementation plan.